Goodbye United.

Delta released their Q1 2014 earnings calls here.

No surprise, their financial performance is on point. However, another interesting thing to read was that Delta is having a lot of success in Seattle. Specifically, every route they’ve added so far has managed to pull a profit by itself (referred to as “segment profitable”). That means routes like SEA-ANC are pulling profits. Now, on the flipside, revenue growth in Seattle markets are seeing single digit increases (despite double digit increases in capacity).

However… the Chief Revenue Officer over at Delta has stated “we do expect to become Seattle’s largest carrier in terms of revenues in the third quarter of this year. So we’re well ahead of our own internal forecast on Seattle and we’re pretty excited about the early returns.”

I’m excited for Delta’s A321s. 

Any of my followers know anything about Argentina and, more specifically, Buenos Aires? I’m kinda looking to go..

Anonymous said:
Hey, question for you! I'm going to be on an airbus A330-200 in July, and it's a 7.5 hour flight. Do you have any experience with the comfort of those at all? Not sure if I should bring some extra pillows to sit on or anything. :)

Hi! Sorry to get back you so late, I just haven’t been using Tumblr on my computer lately.

The A330-200 is a smaller version of the A330-300. I’ve flown on an A333 with Delta from JFK-BCN, about a 5-6 hr flight. I was seated just aft of the wings in the economy section..

Overall, I have to say these birds are extremely quiet. Noise-cancelling headphones probably won’t be necessary unless you’re seated far behind the wing. I’d say a pillow is a must. If you’re seated in a window seat (which I recommend), the curvature of the sidewall makes it a little difficult to rest your head (unless you have a pillow).

My flight only flew threw some light chops, but my general impression is that the A330 kinda rolls around like a big ship in waves. Smooth. Not like the 767/737 which feel a lot stiffer.

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