I’m excited for Delta’s A321s. 

Any of my followers know anything about Argentina and, more specifically, Buenos Aires? I’m kinda looking to go..

Anonymous said:
Hey, question for you! I'm going to be on an airbus A330-200 in July, and it's a 7.5 hour flight. Do you have any experience with the comfort of those at all? Not sure if I should bring some extra pillows to sit on or anything. :)

Hi! Sorry to get back you so late, I just haven’t been using Tumblr on my computer lately.

The A330-200 is a smaller version of the A330-300. I’ve flown on an A333 with Delta from JFK-BCN, about a 5-6 hr flight. I was seated just aft of the wings in the economy section..

Overall, I have to say these birds are extremely quiet. Noise-cancelling headphones probably won’t be necessary unless you’re seated far behind the wing. I’d say a pillow is a must. If you’re seated in a window seat (which I recommend), the curvature of the sidewall makes it a little difficult to rest your head (unless you have a pillow).

My flight only flew threw some light chops, but my general impression is that the A330 kinda rolls around like a big ship in waves. Smooth. Not like the 767/737 which feel a lot stiffer.

Who needs ppl amirite?

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